6 Things We Should Avoid in Life Now

It is okay to say NO to certain people or things that are not healthy for our life. Take care and love yourself, and don't feel sorry for it!


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10/1/2021 4 min read

The secret to happiness isn’t always about adding great people and happy moments. Learning how to remove and avoid certain things will also save us from an unpleasant life. Be brave and smart enough to say no to the 6 things we should avoid in our lives.


1. Complaining About Small Things.

Your internet connection is too slow, or you forgot where you put that important document you badly need. Perhaps, you are stuck in a traffic jam and are already late for work. Most people’s first reaction in these kinds of situations is to complain. Maybe, it is a natural reaction for humans. But, what if we do something else instead of complaining? What if we use our precious time to think of a solution to the problem or to focus on more important things?


Complaining hasn’t made anything better. Well, sort of. If you mean complaining about bad service or product, that’s a different story. In this situation, you are complaining to help make their service or product better in the future. But merely crying over spilled milk will only make you feel more annoyed. So, the next time something spoils your day, do not complain. Breathe. Calm down. Understand the situation and think of a better way to get yourself out of it faster.


2. People with Negative Energies

Choose very carefully the people you let in your life. People can either make you or ruin you. Those people who complain all the time or have a very negative outlook on life are the ones we must avoid. Emotions are contagious. If you surround yourself with narcissists, hypocrites, jealous, or people with self-esteem, then you may adopt those qualities and even become one too. Their words and actions may affect you. At the end of the day, you may feel heavy and unhappy after interacting with such people.


Surrounding yourself with positive people will not only make you feel lighter and happier but will also impact the way you see life. Remember that we naturally adapt to the environment we are in. Make sure that you create an environment that is healthy for your body and your mind. Surround yourself with positivity. Repel anyone carrying negative energy.


3 Lying

Dishonesty ruins life. It is what breaks relationships and trust. If you really love the person or care about a particular individual, then be honest with him or her. The truth may hurt, but it is better to tell it right away before it creates larger damage in the future. People often forgive people who had done something wrong but told the truth very soon. But, I am not saying that we should betray people because they will forgive us anyway. If you had committed a real mistake and told the truth, that may save your relationship with this person. That may also save you from future regrets.


Besides, life is so much easier for you and the people around you when you are honest. They don’t need to guess what happened or what you feel. You don’t need to keep feeling uncomfortable and worried about someone finding out the truth. Plus, it’s hard to remember the details of your lie if you keep being dishonest with others. Honesty is beautiful. Honesty is happiness.


4. Comparing yourself to others

You are a wonderful person in your own way. So, never ever compare yourself or your life to others. Comparing yourself will only develop jealousy, self-pity, low-self esteem, and low confidence. Remember that we do not want those negative feelings in our lives as much as possible. The more you compare yourself to others, the more you become distant from yourself. Understand that we walk on different paths and face different challenges in life. We don’t even know the “behind the scenes” of others. It is useless to compare yourself with others.


If you keep comparing yourself to others, you are missing so many things about yourself. Why don’t you focus on the great qualities you have? Keep doing the things that make you happy, and you will love yourself more. Embrace who you are and the life that you have or want to have. Things get better when you are in tune with yourself instead of spending your time wishing you were someone else.


5. Procrastinating

Laziness gives you comfort, for now. But with responsibilities waiting for you, procrastinating is a big NO. Procrastinating means you are delaying things you can actually do now. Many of us tell ourselves that we can do the tasks later, and we are confident that we will successfully accomplish them. For a few, it works. But for others, it leads to rushed jobs. And what do rushed jobs give us? Low-quality results.


Although there are people who work better under pressure or with limited time, procrastinating is a habit we should break or avoid. It is unproductive and

May lead to incorrect or unpleasant results. If we have more time to do our work, then we can check the tasks meticulously. There will be enough time for us to improve or modify things in our work. We may even have time for leisure! Who doesn’t want a nice nap or a cup of coffee after a job well done?


Managing our time may be a challenge. Learn these 5 ways to manage your time more effectively and wisely, and avoid procrastinating...now.


6. Overworking

Your body is your greatest resource. You use your body to work, communicate, have fun, and everything. So, please, take care of it. Do not overwork. Once your body gives up, the more chances you lose of being happy and achieving your dreams. Be gentle with your body. Eat great food. Do necessary exercises, and let your body feel. Let your body feel the warm sunshine in the morning and the cool breeze in the afternoon. Let your body feel the sea waves or the sand. Let your body feel your soft couch under your cozy blanket.

Let it feel the wonderful things.


Give your body the rest it needs.

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Constant lack of sleep is associated with serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and hypertension.


Listen to what your body says. If it tells you to take a break, then do so. If your mind is feeling stressed out, and it needs some time off, let it. Invest in your body, and don’t feel guilty about it. Spend for your good health! Pay for a massage. Buy a healthy meal. Spend enough money on your wellness, and don’t feel sorry for it. If you keep taking care of your body the right way, the better “you” will work every day.


It is okay to say NO to people and things that are not healthy for our lives. It is our responsibility and right to protect ourselves and choose happiness.

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