Why it is Important to "Mind" your Mind

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.” -John Milton


The Sophisticats

9/18/2021 2 min read

What frightens you? Poverty? Dying? Being lonely?

If you'd ask me, I'd say, being mentally damaged would be one of my biggest fears. 

As our society develops, demands at work and school heighten too. The social image has become such a big issue that other people do not mind changing themselves for fame or followers. Jealousy has become a sister of beauty, and discontent has become a brother of success. Sanity is compromised. 

Stress, depression, and pressure have become more severe. Some people who are depressed do not even recognize they're already suffering from it. Some know it very well that they choose to end it with their own hands. And isn't that simply scary? What if one day, we become so mentally incapable that we do not recognize things or people we used to know? What if we become so lost that we hurt the people we love?

That is why, while you are still healthy and sane (and I am hopeful you will be for the rest of your life), take more time to take care of your mind and your heart.

There really isn't an absolute manual to take care of one's mentality. But it is always a good start to know yourself better. Ask yourself, what are my limitations? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What am I good at? What do I love to do?

These questions will guide you to know yourself better. By recognizing the things you love, hate, and your limitations, you are setting boundaries between your soul and the things that may damage it. 

Once you learn more about yourself, master the art of saying "No." This does not mean that when you do not like something, you instantly refuse it. This means knowing when to stop, disagree, or refuse while considering your worth. When something creates more damage even after you have tried your best to deal with it, it is time to let it go. SAY NO. 

If you continue to let that situation or person affect you because you are afraid of losing,  you will lose more in the future. You may even lose yourself.  If you let go of these unwanted things and people now, you have a greater chance of finding better ones. 

Let go of the things that don't serve you anymore. They are out of your life for a reason.

When you are so overwhelmed by these unpleasant things in your life, your body actually reacts to them. So, listen to your body. If you are handling too much stress, you may feel weak, heavy, and even sick. There are other different signs of stress that we may observe, and it is crucial for us to recognize that immediately. When you do have the signs of extreme stress, take a day off. Have a rest or go on an escape. Spend some quality time with yourself, so your body can regain its energy. After a  short excursion or staycation, you may even think clearer and feel better at work.

Let us not abuse our mind and body because of the pressure around us. Yes, we need to work or study very hard. However, let us not forget the point that we exist: to live happily.

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