The Things We Think Were Too Small to Make an Impact in Ourlives

The little things count, and when we start to realize that, big and beautiful changes happen.


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12/4/2021 5 min read

We tend to look at the big picture of life; success, career, a great love life, and many more big dreams. Mostly, we ignore the small things when in fact, it is the little things that make the biggest impact in the long run. Now is the time we pay better attention to these important little things.

1. Your Workspace is Your Mind Space.

Ever heard of that saying, "a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind"? It is true for most of us. When our workspace is messy and unorganized, there are a lot of distractions around us. It may seem like they do not affect us at all, but they definitely do.

I used to have a really messy workspace. Pens were cluttered on the side, papers on the others. Comb, glasses, water bottles, cups, and notes were all over the place. Every time I saw the mess, I couldn't focus well on what I was doing. My mind kept bugging me telling me things like "Fold those clothes on the sofa," "Do you need all those scraps of papers?!" "You don't even read that book!" A few minutes later, I would be totally annoyed about how strewn everything was, and wished I had cleaned more regularly. And when I finally tidied up, it was gratifying! Working became more satisfying for me. What was more surprising was, I became more organized in other things I did. I was more motivated to finish my tasks. My mind was clearer and I felt peaceful.

Remember that our environment affects us a lot in ways we can't always explain or notice.
Try to clean up your desk or your room. Declutter some useless things. You will instantly feel lighter because there are fewer things to see. There is more space in your area as well as fewer distractions in your mind. And when your mind feels lighter, it is easier for you to think. 

2. The Words You Tell Yourself, Matter.

Be very careful with the words you say, not only to others but also to yourself-especially to yourself.  You program your mind every day. The words you tell yourself and the things you do become YOU. Whatever you focus on, whatever you keep doing, becomes a part of you eventually. It’s the same thing with how we can be so good at a skill through practice. We keep doing it, and in the end, we can perform a particular task subconsciously well. The same principle applies to your words or inner voice. If your inner voice keeps telling you negative things, doubtful words, talking about your fears, and all that stuff, you are going to embody exactly that...just that. But if you use positive words with affirmation, then you start acting as you think. You become what you think. You become who you say you are. Besides, isn't it better to tell yourself encouraging words rather than dispiriting ones?

It may sound silly, but positive words and affirmations are a powerful secret to success that most people ignore. Now that you know, start making your own words of affirmations and see the amazing result yourself.

3. The Quality of Your Resources Affects the Quality of Your Work.

This is something I have realized in recent years. You see, I used to be the kind of person who chose cheap tools to save money. Well, I thought I was saving money by doing that. I was wrong, and I hope more people realize this. QUALITY COMES FIRST. I regret buying cheap products that only lasted for months. In the end, I had to buy again and again. I finally realize that if I buy an expensive high-quality product, it allows me to save more money, time, energy, and emotions (because I worry less and complain no more) in the long run. Well, not all cheap goods are bad. However, if you think that an expensive tool or object with greater quality will help you do your job or task, or if it lets you perform your passion better, GO FOR THAT! If you need to save money first in order to buy it, do so. It is worth it. 

Quality doesn’t only talk about how durable or long-lasting something is. It is also the littlest things about your equipment or object like the color, shape, texture, and so on. This may sound so dumb, but I could still remember how happy I was to buy that beautiful Japanese pen with amazing ink! I was more inspired to write in my journals. Or that swivel chair I finally purchased which was definitely more comfortable for long hours of work sitting in front of my computer. Allow yourself to perform best with the help of reliable resources.

4. Have A Little Time for Yourself.

Be a little kinder to yourself. 

I am a single mom with an extremely active 3-year-old child, a full-time job that requires a lot of talking, and a very active mind that I can’t shut down even when I am sleeping. Luckily, I have learned to be kinder and to be more considerate to myself. And you do not need a child, a full-time job, or a crazy brain to give yourself a break. You might need a breather from a toxic person or a pressuring environment. Or you might just need to keep yourself focused on what you do. Everyone is entitled to take a break especially when things become heavy. Go for a walk. Do a little bit of what makes you happy. If I have a chance, I take an hour or 30 minutes to spend time with myself in a nice and cozy restaurant just listening to music and taking deep breaths. Take care of your body because it holds something beautiful. Most of all, take care of your mind and soul because without them, who are you?  

5. It Is Okay to Reward Yourself. 

So you’ve done all the work. You gave up sleep to accomplish your tasks.  You lost energy. You struggled to face adversities in life and you succeeded-or perhaps you are in the process of doing so. Now is the time to reward yourself. Yes, reward yourself for your hard work and don’t be apologetic about it. 

For many years, I neglected the idea of rewarding myself for being hardworking. I had always felt guilty about spending money for myself. For many years, I turned my back from that beautiful dress, or that sleek bag, or that chic pair of shoes. I said no to a $4 cup of coffee when I really was craving it. And I had many many days of telling myself I could walk that far- preventing myself from taking the cab because I had to save money. But that was the wrong way. Again, be a little more considerate to yourself. Reward yourself from time to time. You deserve it. With all that effort and time you have exerted, reward yourself. You deserve it more than anyone else! Make yourself happy with these little things. Take care of your body and treat yourself better every day. But, make sure to reward yourself responsibly. Perhaps, a nice massage therapy would be enough for a day. Or you could buy yourself a gift for this month. If you need to go on a two-day trip out of town, by all means, GO. Work. Save. Reward Yourself. Be happy. Most of us have the concept of  “Work and Save.” I know that you might be saving for the future. Nevertheless, when is the part that you pamper yourself and be happy about life? When you’re old and gray? How about now? Again, it is totally OKAY to reward yourself after you’ve done a great deal of work.

The little things in our lives do matter. The little things we do define us. Make sure you pay great attention to your little things.

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