To the Ones Who Fight Silent Battles;

This is a letter to "silent fighters" who battle against depression, pain, and loneliness secretly.


The Sophisticats

9/25/2021 1 min read

Don’t give up yet. Yes, these are such overused words. But, would you please just do it?


They see the smile on your face or hear the jokes you make. But who hears your pain, your struggling pain cutting you every day, haunting you every night? Nobody seems to see your broken heart. At this point, you have already been so strong- standing as a whole when you’re actually breaking into million pieces. You laugh in the crowd when in fact, you feel lonely. Your mask is heavy.


It feels so heavy, doesn’t it? But hey, it will go away. Maybe, maybe the world is putting so much pressure on you- on your heart, your mind, and every part of your body so that the best things in you will come out. And you know when that happens? You’ll be stronger. Your own energy will protect you.

However, at this moment, keep walking, keep fighting, keep breathing.


You might think you are on your own, but no. The Universe is watching your sleepless nights. It knows the tears marked on your pillow. It hears the silent prayers you whisper in the air. It’s watching, always. Just believe in yourself, and believe in the Universe. They say it is testing us. And the bigger the test it gives you, the bigger the things it has prepared for you.


So, hold on a little longer, will you? And every time “hopelessness” knocks on your door, tell it, tell it strongly, “Not today.” When you feel like ending everything because you’re exhausted, please remember to tell yourself, “Not today.” Hang in there. Pause. Breathe.


You are carrying so much although it's hollow. You feel so empty, yet you feel so heavy. I know. I know. I carry the same thing every day.


Keep fighting, silent soldier. You will win this.

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