Trust the Timing While Working on Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Time is a constant thing. It is about how you use and perceive it. However, we are in control of our mindset and actions. We might as well use them to our advantage.


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12/2/2021 3 min read

I often ask, is time my ally or my foe?

Time just magically changes things. It lets us meet people, unmeet people, love someone, unlove someone, laugh, cry, grow, experience, and change. It seems like, the only thing we can do is to go with it. But, lately, I realize we should trust it.


Trust that there are reasons things happen differently from what you planned or expected. And these reasons are great, even better than what you wished for. Yes, it could be difficult to trust in something you cannot see. However, something behind the scene is conspiring, happening, brewing, and changing in order for the right things to fall in the right places. It is also important to know that it takes time.


So while time is doing its job, you should do yours. It is your job to change the things that you want to alter for the better. It is your job to change the things you can control. Here are some of the things you can actively do.


1. Do some inner work.

Working on your heart and mindset takes a great deal of time and effort. This is something that requires consistency. And that may mean “slow.” Every day, you can do something. Every day, you can make a change. But remember that only with acceptance and consistency will you truly improve your inner self.


Acceptance means knowing and understanding that there are factors that are out of your control. That may be the fact that you were deceived or hurt by some people. That could also be unsupportive family members. Perhaps, you have a disability. There are many external factors that can affect your life. But they shouldn’t stop you from changing yourself and your life for the better. When you have accepted and understood these things, you have a better view of what you can control.


Consistency means not giving up no matter what. The road to success will be bumpy and messy. There will be times when your journey does not show traces of success at all. This is when many people give up the fight. But that’s when consistency and self-confidence are actually most needed.


When you feel like nothing is happening, just go on. Don’t give up on it. It might be necessary to change some ways, but don’t give up on it. I once read from an all-time bestselling book called “Think and Grow Rich” that when you keep going, no matter what, there is no other way but to succeed.


Acceptance and consistency are qualities that take a lot of time. They’re slow, but they’re sure to help you achieve your goals.

2. Do not Self-sabotage.


You have to see the light and the good in everything. I know that is hard. However, you must learn how to support yourself. Do not self-pity. Do not self-sabotage. Believe in yourself a little bit more. Take action, no matter how slow. Right now, nothing seems to be happening. But trust that somewhere behind the scene, the universe, or whatever higher forces there is, they’re working for you. Believe and work hard for it. You have to let them help you. But first, you must help yourself. If you are the first one ruining yourself with your doubts, anger, and negativities, nothing can save you. Be more patient, and soon everything will come into place.


It’s alright to pause or rest a little. Rethink. Restart. Reconstruct. Breathe. Let go of the negative thinking as much as possible. You only attract what you think. That is something I want to reiterate. YOU ONLY ATTRACT WHAT YOU THINK.

3. No excuses.

Each of us has certain goals we want to achieve. It may be a dream job, a wonderful partner, a new house, or simply peace of mind. In achieving these dreams, we must first understand that dreams don’t come true overnight. Great things really do take time, effort, and self-belief.


Achieve your goal one step at a time, and MAKE NO EXCUSES. We do this often. We say,

l “I might be wasting my time starting this own business because it might fail.”

l “It probably won’t sell, so I might as well, don’t start it.”

l “It will take me 6 months to learn this skill. That’s a lot of time wasted.”

l “She must not like me, so I will just keep this feeling for myself. There are other women that I can meet.”


We often have these excuses which are actually doubts that kill dreams. What if we don’t make excuses? What if you start that business and see how it works in a year? What if you learn that skill? What if you become brave enough to tell how you feel? WHAT IF THE MOVE WE ARE SO AFRAID TO MAKE IS ACTUALLY THE ONE THAT CHANGES OUR LIVES FOR THE BEST?


So, in the little things that you do, make no excuses. Finish that resume. Enroll in that piano class. Write that first part of the story. Invest in that business. Tell how you feel. It can even be a small change in your daily routine such as cleaning up your desk for a better workspace.


Life is too short to make excuses. Work on yourself. Know what you want. Time is a constant thing. It is either an ally or a foe depending on how you use and perceive it. However, we are in control of our mindset and actions. We might as well use them to our advantage.

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